Dealing with negative emotions

As the quotation goes that life is what you make out of it. There are times when you are faced by difficult situations but how we deal with it matters the most.

I was watching a Ted talk on mental health in which the speaker told the audience to count the rectangles in the picture. There were different answers. Some said 20, some said 50 etc.

There was also a bus in the picture and there were kids sitting inside it. Now the speaker asked if anyone could tell how many kids were sitting in the bus. And no one knew the answer.

Thus, the speaker explained that when our brain focuses on one thing, the rest of the things go blur.

This is related to when our brain focuses on the negative, all the positive things go blur.

Likewise, if you get a worthless feeling because your friend did not call you back. Your brain will not remind you of all the times when he did.

It happens to everyone that you get caught up by a negative thought out of nowhere. And then you end up crying in your bed. But if your negative thoughts are not interrupted, you will definitely end up with emotional distress.




– First of all,I started from keeping a record of how frequently I feel depressed. I used to have a depressed day after every 10 days. Now it has become less frequent, here is how:


1) Whenever there comes a negative thought, practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a psychological process which help with stress reduction.

2) Try to focus on something positive

3) Break the nexus of negative thoughts. Whenever something negative comes in your mind, shrug it off immediately. If you give them further way, it will become difficult for you. Fighting the negative emotions is the key!


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