Successful Life Redefined


Whats your idea about success?

Money? Fame?

What if you get all of this and still not be satisfied with life?

Jim Carrey said,

“I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they dreamed of,so they will know that its not the answer.”

Then what is?

What I think is we have wrong ideas of success in our heads.

 Sharing with you and excerpt from my diary:

“I am afraid if I get what I want and still wake up to me sad and wanting some other thing and after getting it, still be sad.I am afraid that I may run after things for my whole life. “

What I think is we should not ONLY make money our goal. I was naive before when I used to think money can buy anything and everything. No, money can only buy you things. I was surprised to see that some people with so much and still they are not able to appreciate it.

And how our adults and parents tell us to choose a career with money. I heard someone say I want to be this because there’s so much money in this field. In the stereotypes, we have forgot the things that bring us happiness and satisfaction.


1) You are happy with what you are doing.

2) Inner satisfaction

3) Everyday you take another step towards positivity.

4) You are a positive influence for those around you.


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